Coronavirus Emergency: What to do? - Mosaico Azioni per i Rifugiati
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Coronavirus Emergency: What to do?

This post is also available in: Italiano Français العربية

In order to protect all people and to minimize the infections of the so-called Coronavirus or Covid-19, from 9 March to 3 May or as a new indication, the movement of people and contacts between them must be limited. You can move for work or health reasons, but you must sign the self-certification that justifies your movements (you can download here). Anyone who travels, even on short journeys, without self-certification and identification documents could be fined or sanctioned according to the law.

All citizens are obliged to:

Avoid crowded places where it is not possible to maintain the interpersonal safety distance of at least one meter (to avoid contagion);

Avoid leaving your home, limiting as possible, the movement of individuals only if necessity (such as for example shopping, going to the pharmacy, …)

To contain the infection
some simple indications must be followed:

Avoid close contacts while keeping the distance of at least one meter

Wash your hands often with soap and water or use an alcohol-based gel

Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth with unclean hands

Avoid gatherings or crowded places

Avoid handshakes, hugs or other forms of greeting that involve contact, until this emergency is over

Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you sneeze or cough, otherwise use your elbow

If you have flu-like symptoms stay at home, do not go to the emergency room

or to the doctors’ offices, but contact your doctor.
If you do not have a doctor, contact the GrIS Center at the email

or at their Facebook page.

You can also call the national number 1500 or for the Piedmont Region the number 800 19 20 20 (active 24 hours a day) or the number 800 333 444 (active from Monday to Friday, from 8 to 20). Contact 112 or 118 only if necessary.

We can overcome the pandemic with everyone’s commitment: and by respect these simple rules !


This post is also available in: Italiano Français العربية