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Channels of solidarity

This post is also available in: Italiano العربية

The Italian political and legal landscape around immigration has become increasingly repressive over the years, with a consequent increase in the number of migrants deprived of documents due to restrictive laws. .

The provisions on residence permits and asylum determinationare further aggravated by the economic and social stagnation caused by the health crisis, which has led to an increase in the number of homeless migrants with psychosocial fragility.

For these reasons, Mosaico has created the Channels of Solidarity project that, in collaboration with the Kriol legal team, aims to create a holistic approach to offer support to migrants who are in conditions of extreme vulnerability and/or at risk of detention.

Since 2020, the multidisciplinary group assisted by civil and institutional networks has been working on the design of pathways for migrants at risk of irregularity, marginalisation and/or detention, ensuring their listening and conscious participation in the construction of their future.

Event “From Tunis to Turin: in search of freedom. The paradox of administrative detention « 

15th December 2021, Turin – CineTeatro Baretti

Within the Channels of Solidarity project, the National Cinema Museum Association, Mosaico Refugees and the Association for Legal Studies on Immigration. organized the event of last December 15. The day focused on the Tunisian situation, because it is from this country that, in recent years, the largest number of people detained without any type of crime within the CPR have come.


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    This post is also available in: Italiano العربية