Support for refugee students - Mosaico Azioni per i Rifugiati
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From 2016 to date, through the project “Support for Refugee Students”, Mosaico supports young refugees who have the ambition to continue their studies paradoxically risk becoming more vulnerable, given that the reception time is only 6 months starting of the notification of the recognition of refugee status.

The right to education is among the fundamental human rights.

Studying increases the possibility of finding a job and integrating more easily into the society.

For this reason, Mosaico works in support of refugee students/ and in continuing their path for higher and university studies, through an orientation service, translation and recognition of previous qualifications for enrollment in courses, retrieval of books and computers, room and board. . The accompanying path to the student includes a first phase of elaboration of the individual project and the definition of specific support modalities in accordance with the individual needs of the refugee’s student. The periodic evaluation scheduled every 3 months has so far allowed for constant monitoring of the progress of the project.

The positive results achieved by the project “Support for refugee students” have allowed the involvement of a growing number of students, with an increase in beneficiaries tripled.


This post is also available in: Italiano Français العربية